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Storage Contract

Bluffton Bay Marina Ltd.
3040 Lakeshore Drive   Muskegon, Michigan 49441-1107          231-759-0496 Yard/Shop/Sales

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Boat Slip (wet well) Rental Agreement for 20___Season (May1 to Sept30) for Pier____Slip #_____between BBM and


--------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------             -----------------------              -------              --------                            

          (Slip-renters name)                           (Address)                                              (City)              (State)  (Zip code)


Home phone# (____) _____-________                         Alternate emergency contact # (____) ____-_______


Work phone  #(____) _____-_______Cell-phone#(____) _____-_______E-mail -----------------------------------------



Boat Make------------------------------------------------- Type (O-power O- Sail)  --------------- /   -------------- /   -------------        

                                                                                                              (Length/Feet)  (Width)   (Draft-depth req.)


Boat Name-------------------------------------------------------State Registration #  -----------------------------------------


Daily (Live aboard) use may be subject to additional charges.

Additional fees may include Electric ---------- Water------- Storage----------- In/Out----------- Service------------- Leased Equipment


Provisions:          Michigan Marina and Boatyard Storage Lien Act  (PA 362 of 1998) is enforceable for our services

1 This agreement is for boat slip rental only, with the use of the slip and related facilities being at the sole risk of the boat owner.  Rental period shall begin May 1 and end Sept 30.  Accommodations may be arranged prior to and after these dates by special written permission only.  Boats requiring removal / storage will be charged standard haul-out fees if we have to enforce these provisions.


2.Boat slip is only for the boat described above and slip may not be loaned or used by others For added security boat owners must inform BBM of guests / visitors authorized to be using their boat and our facility.


3.BBM reserves the right to sublet any slip when the renter is not occupying it. For your safety and security you must inform the office of your extended cruising plan, so if we notice your slip empty we do not unnecessarily send the Coast Guard looking for you.


4. Children must not be left unattended or unsupervised (adult presence) in the boat or adjacent BBM yard / facilities / restroom/ shower/ areas.  Pets must be leashed and deposits removed from public areas.


5.All “For Sale” boats must be registered with BBM office.   Slip rental is not transferable.


6.All work on the above listed boat shall be done by the owner, BBM, or by contractors registering and providing valid certificates of required insurance for our files before starting work. We will stop any activity that endangers the safety of boaters, neighbors, or the environment.           Sanding, grinding, painting on site may only be done in designated areas with proper tools and environmental protection and are subject to evaluation and permission of BBM.  Added fees may be incurred.


7.BBM reserves the right to change a slip assignment at any time.    Daily (Live aboard) use may be subject to additional charges.


8.Specific approval must be received for any modifications, alterations, or additions to the slips or pier area.  Dock boxes must be approved for type, size, and location by BBM.   Electrical power cords must be prevented from entering the water.


9.Slip rental and storage is at the sole risk of the renter. BBM is not responsible for damage, loss, theft, or peril of any kind to boat, boat gear, or slip renters personal property or equipment. BBM does not carry any coverage on docked or stored boats.  We recommend that the boat owner carry adequate insurance to cover all liabilities and have BBM   named as an additional insured.


10.Trailer or cradle storage is not included in this agreement.  Overnight accommodation for maintenance or emergency situations only by BBM approval.  Trailers/ cradles left without permission will be re-moved and transportation and storage fees billed to slip renter.


11.Fueling your boat with portable tank devices may be in violation of local ordinances due to the fire / explosion / contamination hazards.  Accidents / spills caused by these actions are the sole responsibility of the boat owner / slip renter.


12.Electric power supplied is for average lighting and maintenance tasks (incidental battery charging). Heating / air conditioning electrical loads are subject to metering or estimated added charges to the slip renter at the discretion of BBM.


13. Slip renters choosing to use dock water must provide an anti –siphon device to protect the safety of the dock water supply on all hoses being used.  Slip renters should treat the dock water as a non-potable supply even though it comes from tested sources.


14. Disposal containers for returnable bottles, cans, engine oil, and garbage are made available. Proper disposal helps keep the marina clean and the environment safe.  No oil or batteries can be left on or adjacent to docks or placed in garbage containers.


 All reserved slips not paid in full or covered by an extended payment plan by May 31st may be re-rented and the non –refundable deposit thereon shall be forfeited, and the breach of contract pursued legally. Charges incurred through the exercising of the provisions of this agreement or the extended payment plan shall be subject to a monthly interest rate of 1 ½% on the unpaid amounts. (18% per / annum)  Michigan Marina and Boatyard Storage Lien Act  (PA 362 of 1998) are enforceable for our services.

The slip renter acknowledges that he/ she has read and understands the provisions of this agreement by the placement of their signature below and understands the charges that maybe incurred in the protection of their property.



 ----------------------------------------------------------  --------------------------

(Signature)                                                          (Date)                            


Charge my CC.  --------------- Monthly till paid in full or  $------------------- Onetime                                                                                                               


Visa/MC #----------------    -----------------      ------------------      -----------------             Card expiration date---------/-----------


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              BBM2009 (SRA)

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